I woke up thinking about names and the impact they have on people and places. Yes, places to are affected by what we refer to them as. Spiritual much? Maybe. But there is a really simple psychology to this, repeat some thing enough times and you start to believe it. And there is nothing more repeated than the name of a place of thing.

I was watching a documentary on New Orleans. A couple of years ago, it was hit by Hurricane Katrina, a huge natural disaster that got horrible government response, people lost lives and entire livelihoods and that place could have easily turned into a barren wasteland with memories of death and destruction. But for years, New Orleans had been known as the ‘Birthplace of Jazz,’ and it is that jazz, that view of their city, the need to restore its name and regain it honor that brought hope, and that helped people rebuild their town, because to them it will always be the ‘Birthplace of Jazz.’

I could say the same about ‘The Big Apple,’ in the light of the September 11th twin tower attacks. On that day, ‘The Big Apple,’ didn’t feel too big. But that was but a moment, that is now history and apple is even bigger now.

What do you see when you look at your country? What do you call it? Do you look at whats eternal, that Uganda is the pearl of Africa? Or do you look at fleeting political and economic situations. This weeks challenge is to show us how you live, your hood. What do you see when you look at Ntinda, Makerere, Kyaliwajala?


Maybe we need to challenge ourselves a little further, as we post pictures showing off our hoods, how about we come up with names for our hoods? Ways w want them to be remembered, past the fleeting madness of what party your counselor belongs too. Eternal names.


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